Conversions Done Right

Over the years we have done 100’s of Toyota Engine conversions for customers from all over the country and Canada. Contact us to get a quote for your particular vehicle. We also offer for the do-it-yourself project, a 3.4 plug and play drop in conversion for 88-95 V6 trucks and 4runners. Email for a quote sheet for your vehicle.

Complete 3.4 swap Solution

This is a start to finish 100% completed conversion ready for pickup. We have customers from all over the world. We can accept transport of your vehicle during business hours. In most cases we need 6-8 weeks or less to complete your conversion from the time you drop off your vehicle. A deposit of half down is due before we purchase your conversion, and hold your shop time, contact us to see how far out we are.


We do not guarantee Emissions / California Emissions.

If for some reason you fail to meet the Emissions requirements of your state or county it will be up to you to make any changes to their standards. If you have any special requests for your emissions system let us know before the swap and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Engines are all good used and fully tested and inspected to ensure they have been taken care of and come with a 90 day warranty. Our labor is covered with a 1 year warranty. We have never had a reported failure with any of our swaps to date. Average mileage is around 125-150k range. Lower mileage engines can be found and prices vary. We will select your engine and let you know exactly what year and mileage is available and get your approval before we purchase your engine. We prefer from our experience a good used factory Toyota engine that has been taken care of over a rebuilt engine.

Factory systems

All your original systems will still function as they did before, including gauges. Not all customers have air conditioning, cruise control or automatic hubs. If you have functioning factory air conditioning, cruise control, or automatic locking hubs those systems will require more parts, labor, and wiring to make function again.

  • Cruise Control: + $175
  • Air conditioning: + $200
  • Automatic hubs: + $100

Hood Clearance

The 3.4 is taller and makes contact with the hood and additional clearance is needed. 88 trucks and 88-89 4unners will need a scoop or body lift. 89-95 trucks and 90-95 4runners will need a body lift, hood scoop or our low-profile plenums. If you already have a body lift, then you’re good to go.

  • 1 Inch Body Lift Installed: $280 Trucks
  • 1 Inch Body Lift Installed: $330 4runners
  • Hood Scoop Installed: $200
  • Low profile plenums: $250

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